My experience at ESM reinforced God's work in my everyday life. Through our classes, community life, prayer time and the daily Mass I saw Him guide me through many amazing lessons and discoveries. These experiences - particularly the concrete ways
God spoke to me through others, either in class or while washing the dishes - allowed me to discover His patient guidance and to see that every day is planned by Him for us, to teach us and take us closer to Him. Importantly, ESM gave me an unparalleled opportunity to reflect upon His daily workings in my life, particularly through prayer and household sharing. I am so grateful for this amazing nine months to discover and begin to reflect upon the Lord's love!

Jessica Leach, 26, Australia (ESM 2011-2012) 

Living in community has been a real blessing for me. I have come to a  deeper understanding of what it means to have brothers and sisters in Christ. Everyday I discovered more how I can't do it by myself, how I need other people to help me to grow in holiness. Especially my sisters in household have been a great help and support to me. It’s a real grace to know you are never standing alone.

Having so much time for prayer in the schedule really helped me to built out my personal prayer life. Especially the praise in the morning helped me to turn more and more towards the Lord and to expect everything from Him. Also the classes we got on prayer and the sacraments helped me a lot. And by community life and the missions I came to understand more the necessity of prayer: with God’s grace everything is possible. During the school a desire to pray more and more grew in my heart.

Hannelore Hillewaere, 21, Belgium (ESM 2011 – 2012) 

Through the personal and spiritual formation, I have strengthened my love for God, others, and myself, and have a renewed zeal and passion for my mission in the world.


Anne, 23, USA (ESM 2011 – 2012) 

For more than 10 years, I looked for wisdom through all the philosophies and reading I could find. At the ESM it‘s as if the Catholic Church opened all it‘s treasures for me. I found the wisdom I had been longing for.

Alex, 29, Quebec (ESM 2011 – 2012) 

ESM pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, to seek the face of God in every person and to meet others with an open and joyful heart.

Krysia, 25, Poland (ESM 2011 – 2012)