Support us

ESM students give up their jobs and studies for 10 months in order to be formed as missionaries. ESM is entirely dependent on private donations and sponsors. We, therefore, rely on your support with grateful thanks.

The ESM Team: Pierre (director), Joži (consecrated sister) and padre François (chaplain)

How can I help?

The first way to help us is to pray for our mission. But you can also financially support the project of one of the students, or simply help us with the general financing of the school.
It is important to know that we are welcoming students coming from countries for which the costs of the year of the ESM represent more than two years of salary… without you, they could not be welcomed to be trained for the mission of the Church!

Support the students

The global cost for the year of is 20.000€

Our students need you

Our students seek help in funding from their family and friends, as well as from their local bishop. In many countries however the Church has little money to support the valuable formation in ESM Rome. The Emmanuel School of Mission needs your financial assistance. Please help our students experience the richness and joy of the Catholic faith in the heart of the Church.

Thank you for supporting the ESM Rome!

You can support ESM Rome with a simple bank transfer
In this case, do not hesitate to communicate us your name by mail, so that we can pray for your intentions!

IBAN: IT08 I033 5901 6001 0000 0147 650
BBAN: (CIN) I (ABI) : 03359
CAB: 01600 (Statement): 100000147650

Thank you very much for your help and for your precious contribution to the mission of the Church !