A formation resolutely turned towards mission. Our missions are designed to inspire authentic apostolic zeal in a fresh and vibrant pastoral perspective.

We have two different types of missionary formation, those on a weekly basis and intensive 10 day international missions in various parts of Europe.

The weekly missionary activities include:

  • Compassion service in which the students administer to the poor around Rome, stimulating a true empathy for the suffering of others.
  • Street evangelisation with the World Youth Day Cross (in collaboration with the Centro San Lorenzo).

For the international missions, the students undergo rigorous preparation in which they are trained in how to prepare properly for the mission, e.g. the various logistical obstacles involved, the delegating of duties, the organisation of activities and programme coordination etc. The missions always take place in a Parish and so are organised to cater to the needs of Parish life, according to the particular city and country in which they are based.

The activities that take place on a typical international mission are:

  • Door-to-door and street evangelisation,
  • Evangelisation at the homes of the parish members in which the students stay
  • School and university visits: skits, drama and musical activities, introduction to the Liturgy, discussions on faith, peer-pressure, ethical issues etc.
  • Parish evening activities: Marian-theme evening, mercy-night (including adoration, testimonies, mercy groups and confession), perpetual adoration, ‘Night-fever’ (a Youth night comprised of a talk, rock concert and adoration)
  • Animation of daily mass and daily praise
  • Children’s adoration, children’s liturgy
  • Compassion service: visiting people in hospital, visiting older people who live alone, administering to the poor
  • Women’s and men’s mornings
  • Sports

The different countries that the ESM-Rome has had missions in to date are: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia , Italy and Austria.

Indeed, by preparing and forming the students in mission preparation and realisation, both on a local regular basis and at an international level, they learn how to communicate the Gospel effectively and appropriately to young people, children, adults, believers and non-believers, adapting to the particular cultural context within which they are immersed. Moreover they learn how to evangelise in today’s multi-cultural society, stimulating reflection on the concepts of religious freedom, enculturation and inter-religious dialogue.