Emmanuel Community

The Emmanuel Community is an “International Public Association of the Faithful” of pontifical right under Canon Law.

The Emmanuel Community gathers more than 8,000 members around the world and is present in 57 countries. It brings together families, single people, priests, seminarians, and consecrated lay people living in celibacy for the kingdom. Four bishops have already been appointed from priests of the Emmanuel Community.

The mission of the Emmanuel Community is to offer a path to its members to answer God’s call to holiness and proclaim Christ in today’s world. It is particularly through Eucharistic adoration, compassion, and evangelization that its members are called to manifest God’s presence with us ( Emmanuel). The Emmanuel Community proposes concrete ways to its members to grow spiritually, notably through the attendance of daily mass, the invitation to take long times of silent adoration each day, the call to leave a joyful and simple life with a constant heart of praise, and various communal activities, including praying together and sharing on a weekly basis on the Word of God and evangelization efforts.

Three pillars of Life: Adoration, Compassion, Evangelization

Concrete means add to this experience, means marked by the intuition of Pierre Goursat, founder of the Emmanuel Community. He insisted particularly on the rooting of faith in Eucharistic adoration. It leads us to evangelization and compassion, the love pouring from the Heart of Jesus for all, those who suffer in body or because they do not know God. Compassion is the vital links between Eucharistic adoration and evangelization. Received in Eucharistic adoration it is expressed in evangelization. That is what we have in common. It is not possible to be a member of the Emmanuel Community without living it fully. This is a call than can be lived by any baptized person.

We cannot live this alone. The Community allows us to help and sustain each other in answering this call and practice this compassion. In community life we concretely live faith, hope and charity. Faith in Jesus Christ through the grace of baptism, hope for all men because we believe God wants to save them, charity by loving them, not in words but concretely. There is nothing better to live faith, hope and charity than through community life.