During the school the students live together in a full-time residential community. The students pray together, eat together, study together, and most importantly grow together towards the Lord in a spirit of communion and brotherhood. From different cultures and backgrounds, the students who have travelled to Rome from all of the continents, are united in one Spirit, one Church and one God.

In every day life students are involved in different services which make the students learn from one another and grow together in sharing. Different services teach the students discipline, responsibility and most importantly caring for another.

Every student in ESM has his/her own room. Having a private place to relax and to pray is essential in a young person’s life. Moreover, a personal space is a place of every day life growth (tiding up, creating a spiritually pleasant environment for every individual).

The students also meet weekly in small groups called “Households” determined by leaders, because we do not choose one another but receive one another. They pray together, share about God’s work in their lives and evangelization experiences and let the Church teach them.