Academic formation is a vital part of the student’s development. It enables them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Word of God and of Church doctrine, thus providing a solid intellectual foundation upon which the students can acquire a mature and firm faith.


The course covers the following topics throughout the year:

Holy Scripture - 48 hours
  • The Bible and Divine Revelation
  • Introduction to Old and New Testaments
  • Study of particular books from the Bible
Foundations of the Faith - 80 hours
  • Creation, Incarnation, Redemption, the Holy Spirit
  • The Church, Mary, Communion of Saints, Eschatology
  • The Sacraments
Liturgy - 30 hours
  • Introduction to the Liturgy
  • The Liturgical Seasons
  • Practical training
Art and Faith - 48 hours
  • Question of Faith through Art
  • Study of Christian and Roman Art
  • Visits to various Roman Churches
Philosophy and Moral Theology - 50 hours
  • History of Thought
  • Philosophy of Liberty
  • Approaches to Sexuality
  • Aspirations of man and reasons for being
Integral Ecology - 36 hours
  • Fundamental Ethics
  • Understanding Bio-Ethics
  • Catholic Social Thought
Spiritual Life - 12 hours
  • Personal prayer
  • The Holy Spirit in Christian life
  • Living with the Word of God
  • Spirituality of the Saints
  • The Identity and Mission of the Laity
  • Priesthood and Consecrated Life
Communication - 10 hours
  • Media and Mission
  • Social Media
Evangelization - 80 hours
  • Theology of Evangelization
  • Spirituality of Evangelization
  • Methodology and Practical Formation
  • The lives of the Saints
Other Religions - 15 hours
  • Christian Denominations
  • The Mystery of Israel
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Key Points in Eastern Religions
  • New Age
Anthropology - 30 hours
  • Understanding the human person
  • How to grow in freedom
  • The specific vocation of man and woman
  • Learning to listen