The Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM) Rome is offering new evangelization formation to young men and women in the Catholic Faith.

ESM Rome is an international school training missionary leaders for the Church, rooted in a profound relationship with Christ.

ESM Rome Specificities

Experience of the Church
Italian language
General knowledge

  • Economy and Law
  • History and Philosophy

Art and Faith

  • Theoretical studies
  • Visit of Rome’s monuments
Evangelization and Compassion every week around St. Peters square
Accomodation in the famous place of the Trinità dei Monti

Where is the ESM Rome ?

Emmanuel School of Mission
Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 3
00187 Roma, ITALIA

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Who can apply ?

The ESM is a program for young adults between 19 and 30 years old.
It is important to already have one year of postgraduate or work experience before entering the ESM Rome.

A life centered on Christ

In order to grow in life and for the Mission, our school provides a full-range formation
Spiritual and human growth

Human formation

  • Self-knowing and self-development with modern tools
  • Develop your skill
  • Learn to listen

Spiritual formation

  • A daily prayer life
  • Put daily Eucharist and Adoration at the core of your life
  • Personal support and companionship
  • Learn to accept yourself and the Mercy of God
  • Learn to be attentive to the action of the Holy Spirit and to God's will
  • Experience the living Word of God
  • Retreats and pilgrimages
  • Integrate silence in your life
  • Discover the deep dynamism of Liturgy and the power of the Sacraments
  • Grow in personal and community prayer

Community Life

A strong brotherhood experience

  • A full-time residential community life
  • Staying together with up to 12 students from all continents and walks of life for ten months
  • Learn to live Charity
  • Share with students of different culture

Discovering the Emmanuel Community

  • Weekly Household meetings
  • Contacts with families of the Emmanuel Community
  • Missions with the Emmanuel Community in Italy (Rome, Florence, Milano, …)
Intellectual formation

Study for a deep foundation in faith

In collaboration with the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome. All ESM students receive a certificate from the Pontifical University.
  • Holy Scripture
  • Main points of the Catholic faith
  • Moral Theology
  • Sacraments
  • Anthropology
  • Theology of the Body
  • Vocation of Men and Women
  • Bio-Ethics

Basics about Catholic culture

  • Liturgy
  • Theology of Evangelisation
  • Judaism and Islam
  • Social doctrine of the Church

Speaking and proclaiming to the world

  • Communication, Mission and Medias
  • Acting session,  evangelisation practices
  • Giving your testimony

The Emmanuel Community

The Emmanuel Community is an "International Public Association of the Faithful" of pontifical right under Canon Law. It gathers more than 8,000 members around the world and is present in 57 countries. It brings together families, single people, priests, seminarians, and consecrated lay people living in celibacy for the kingdom. Four bishops have already been appointed from priests of the Emmanuel Community.

The mission of the Emmanuel Community is to offer a path to its members to answer God's call to holiness and proclaim Christ in today's world. It is particularly through Eucharistic adoration, compassion, and evangelization that its members are called to manifest God's presence with us (Emmanuel). The Emmanuel Community proposes concrete ways to its members to grow spiritually, notably through the attendance of daily mass, the invitation to take long times of silent adoration each day, the call to leave a joyful and simple life with a constant heart of praise, and various communal activities, including praying together and sharing on a weekly basis on the Word of God and evangelization efforts.

Three pillars of Life: Adoration, Compassion, Evangelization

Concrete means add to this experience, means marked by the intuition of Pierre Goursat, founder of the Emmanuel Community. He insisted particularly on the rooting of faith in Eucharistic adoration. It leads us to evangelization and compassion, the love pouring from the Heart of Jesus for all, those who suffer in body or because they do not know God. Compassion is the vital links between Eucharistic adoration and evangelization. Received in Eucharistic adoration it is expressed in evangelization. That is what we have in common. It is not possible to be a member of the Emmanuel Community without living it fully. This is a call than can be lived by any baptized person.

We cannot live this alone. The Community allows us to help and sustain each other in answering this call and practice this compassion. In community life we concretely live faith, hope and charity. Faith in Jesus Christ through the grace of baptism, hope for all men because we believe God wants to save them, charity by loving them, not in words but concretely. There is nothing better to live faith, hope and charity than through community life.


Members of the School

Team and students of the School for year 2017-2018.
Pierre Woitiez, 38 years old (France)
Pierre Woitiez, 38 years old (France)


I married for 17 years and father of 5 amazing girls! With my wife, we are members of the Emmanuel Community. Before the ESM, I was head of a property management. I like walking in my free time, I’m close to saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, and I really enjoy italian food.

    Joži Bukovšek, 38 years old (Slovenia)
    Joži Bukovšek, 38 years old (Slovenia)

    Consecrated sister

    I am consecrated sister in the Emmanuel Community. In my professional life I have worked with the people from 3 to 103 years old. I love the ideas of the Holy Spirit, the coffee and the colors.

      P. François Labadens, 38 years old (France)
      P. François Labadens, 38 years old (France)


      I am a priest of the diocese of Lyon. I’m also a biblicist and i love Holy Land. I start this mission at the ESM Rome with joy and hapiness. What relaxes me : play music, running, take photos.

        Ludovic, 26 years old (Mauritius)
        Ludovic, 26 years old (Mauritius)


        I wanted to spend a year at ESM for two main reasons: give thanks to God at the end of my university studies for all the wonders he has done for me and, more importantly, to learn how to love Jesus and to make him be loved. Jesus has put this desire in my heart to live a more intimate relationship with him through daily prayer so that afterwards I could be the light of the world and conquer the hearts for him. Indeed, the world is in dreadful need of the living water flowing from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of which the Holy Church is the guardian.

          Alix, 22 years old (France)
          Alix, 22 years old (France)


          Choose to go to the ESM, it’s getting set for a real adventure, away from my home and daily life, putting on my hiking shoes and beginning a human as well as spiritual ascent! For me, it is a way of answering to Jesus’ call to leave all and follow him. Through daily prayer and mass, I wish to settle in God, and through His love, go deeper in the love of my brothers and sisters from all over the world.

            Martha, 26 years old (India)
            Martha, 26 years old (India)


            God’s plans have always surprised me, and I believe ESM Roma is truly one of His greater plans coming to pass! I am blessed and thrilled to be part of this journey, as I desire to find myself in Jesus, find Jesus in others and see the world through His eyes.

              Barbara, 27 years old (Germany)
              Barbara, 27 years old (Germany)


              I want to give Jesus one year now because I want to grow as a person and become more similar to him. Many people on the streets are looking so angry and disappointed when they only have to go to Jesus, but maybe they never heard that. I want to know how I can do missions in my everyday life. That would be great!

                Crispian, 20 years old (England)
                Crispian, 20 years old (England)


                I joined the ESM on recommendation of my brother who said it would truly reveal who I am. I find his statement to be true and look forward to the year ahead, however it is the last advise I take from my brother.

                  Pauline, 19 years old (France)
                  Pauline, 19 years old (France)


                  I chose to give this year to the Lord to learn to always put Him in first, to accept His Love and to only depend on Him, in a deep relationship. I’ve also feel the need to discover the beauty and the universality of the Church : Rome is excellence for this meeting with the Church, in all her diversity ! “When their trust will be big, there won’t be limits to my generosity” Jesus to Ste Faustine.

                    Emmanuel, 21 years old (France)
                    Emmanuel, 21 years old (France)


                    As a young engineering student, I want to dedicate some time to spiritual formation. I wish to take the time and reflection necessary to discover the love God offers me, and to answer His question : “For you who am I ?“, Lc 9, 20.

                      Hana, 27 years old (Slovakia)
                      Hana, 27 years old (Slovakia)


                      I decided to go to ESM, because I want to show people that life with God is great and full of joy. I wish to be in God’s service so that He can use me wherever He wants to. I want to learn to be a tool in His hands.

                        Benoît, 28 years old (Rwanda)
                        Benoît, 28 years old (Rwanda)


                        During this year, i will have the chance to learn to always better love Jesus and my neighbor, love is my language for the year 2017-2018. “You shall love the lord your god with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. You should love your neighbor as yourself”, Mt 22 37-39.

                          Guillaume, 33 years old (Canada)
                          Guillaume, 33 years old (Canada)


                           The ways of the Lord are always surprising. Never thought of doing ESM especially in Rome. I confirm when you abandon everything to the Lord, he gives you back hundredfold. I’m so glad to be part of this great journey. I say with Mary:  “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoice in God my savior“, Lc 1, 46-47.

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